Kanye about Homosexuals

Oh Kanye. I’ll use the word irony improperly here and comment on how “ironic” it is that, from one minority group to another, the level of ignorance this man has is just sad. However this seems to be representative of a culture of music that a lot of people, both gay and straight, have about the Hip-Hop world.

For about a second there was a gay rap artist named “Caushun” but nothing ever came from the self appointed first gay rapper. I can only attribute to what I consider a culture of hyper-masculinisation, a glorifying of violence, criminal activity, and the presentation of general ignorance.

What angers me about this video and the genre is that no one in the video (at least in the context seen) tries to question him about his views. Sure he tries to act like he’s “okay” with gay people but he almost immediately counters himself with the comments about the rainbow being the gay symbol and the quip about gay people having a good fashion sense. Back handed compliments like that only reinforce stereotypes like that and against him as a person.

To be perfectly honest I had to take a breath or two, down a cup of coffee and watch a funny video on youtube before I could write this blog. I have words for Mr. West but those comments will just have to play out in a drama I’m creating in my head right now.

He is a reality of my life that I have to deal with every day. His words are an expression of a culture that should know better. But that topic is for another blog methinks.


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