Of Rabbit Gods, Voodoo, and Kanye

So it seems that, to this point, my blog posts haven’t had one consistent theme. What I wanted to do was just find stories and reflect on what they had to say about homosexuality in general. The story of a wrongfully killed gay man in ancient China, various spiritual entities embodying or taking patronage over homosexuals, or the sardonic views of one minority towards another; these are all something that speak to me as a gay man and as a greater narrative in the United States.

Historically speaking, as a people, we have been met with great violence as the story of the Rabbit God told us. However, like in that story and how the spiritual teachings of at least some sects of Voodoo, there appear to be some greater spiritual force that is looking out for us.

But one thing that sometimes confuses me is the disconnect between other minority groups. It disheartens me to hear (in my opinion) ignorant views against homosexuals from other minorities in this country, specifically black Americans. Maybe it’s my own naivete speaking but I kind of expected, post-Civil Rights movement, there would be a greater sense of unity between our collective mission. Unfortunately that hasn’t always been the case. In some circles the term civil rights has been claimed by the black community in this country and various religious leaders and civil rights leaders in that community have been offended and refuse to see gay rights as nothing to do with their particular view on civil rights.

This may have something to do with the apparent lack of visibility of black gay men and women in modern media or maybe something to do with masculinity and its value in the black community. But this is all speculation on my part. Despite me being part black myself, my skin tone prevents me from being fully integrated into black culture so I cannot speak with any authority on the matter, only what I see in the media both heterosexual and homosexual.

Maybe I should look more into issues of race and homosexuality to see just what is being said and done about its own representation.

So, there has always been a sense of otherness being a homosexual. I even play into it when I refer to myself as an other and refer to other gay people as “my people”. Just how much it affects myself and others like me will be viewed as I progress in this blog. Today, in class, we had a great discussion of masculinity and I very much wanna talk about that topic and bring up Matthew Shephard. Also, maybe talk about Ms. RuPaul because she provides a fantastic dynamic on race, sexuality, and gender issues all in one glamourous ball.


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  1. Good work Robin. I appreciate your narration of the personal in order to make sense of the artifacts that you discuss here. I really think you should talk more about race and sexuality – this would really make the blog rich. Even as there is a certain amount complexity to the representations of homosexuality in popular culture, what new stereotypes are being constituted? For instance, is homosexuality being defined primarily through the white male (middle or upper class even?) What are the consequences of such representations of gay men and women of color?

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