I wish I could…

While this short clip from Will & Grace can be characterized as ridiculous, it does bring up a very important notion that is still held by a large group of people in this society. While there is no specific text in the Tanach (I despise the use of the title ‘old testament’) against homosexual marriage, it’s the use of Leviticus that often fuels the debate speaking against it.

What isn’t usually understood by the greater community is that Leviticus isn’t so simple to read and interpret as the Jewish rabbanim (rabbi’s) or the Christian priesthood might want us to think. For centuries it was accepted that Leviticus was written by Moses as Hashem (or G-d) dictated. More recent scholarly interpretation suggests that it was a byproduct of the rabbanim source as early as the 5th century BCE.

The wording of the famous line leads a great deal to interpretation because of the vagueness of the script itself. “You shall not lie with a man as one lies with a woman, it is an abomination.” Yes, that is a pretty clear message but since Leviticus is a set of rules and guideline for “holiness” and the rabbanim does it stand only for a rabbi in the sense of holy rituals? What about homosexual woman? Since they are not specifically mentioned in this text are they exempt from the prohibition?

There are dozens of rules and regulations that are usually if not always ignored by the greater Jewish and Christian communities. Mixing cloth types, raising different crops in the same field, types of meats that are acceptable to eat are just a few that I’ll mention. But it is this omission that makes me wonder why use the Tanach or the New Testament as a weapon at all if you don’t follow everything in it to govern your life?

If you remove religion in the argument against homosexual marriage, what can they use as a weapon?

Studies have shown time and again that gay men and women are more than capable of raising children in a normal, safe and loving environment just as well as their heterosexual counterparts. Gay men and women have been procreating forever in the context of the closeted men and women marrying opposite gendered people. The argument over ‘Nature v. Nurture’ has practically been nullified by biological studies into the physiological differences in gay people’s biology.

So what is it? What’s to be afraid of? For heterosexual men, are they afraid that somehow they are considered less of a man if another approaches them to ask them out on a date? Are you less of a man if another finds you attractive? The same for heterosexual women.

Perceptions have lead to, in my opinion, a frenzy of misinformation and fear. Gay people can’t possibly destroy an institution that is held dear to so many people. It’s a dream that, I feel, most people want to have, a home, a loving spouse and a family. And lets not mention the fact that over 50% of marriages end in divorce. To be mean about it, I’m pretty sure heterosexual people are doing a good enough job tarnishing the institution of marriage on their own. But I digress.

I know things are progressing in the direction of acceptance of homosexual and transgendered people. I would never ask anyone to sacrifice their personal religious beliefs, but speaking from the fine tradition of Jews arguing about everything, what does it take for someone to stop listening to the voice behind the microphone and to listen to the voice inside? If Hashem speaks of only one thing, it is of love for yourself and love for your fellow man.


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