Mondays are a drag…

What better to combat the images of homosexuality, femininity, and masculinity than Drag Queens? RuPaul is arguably the face (and icon) of Drag around America and quite possibly the world. There are a lot of ideas behind drag, most do it for performance reasons while there are those who are transvestites and transexuals that also involve themselves in drag.

A majority view drag as a means of performance and entertainment. Lip-syncing and dancing are two of the most visual categories. But what is probably less seen is how drag pushes boundaries into what society sees as clear lines between what is male and what is female. Drag Kings are the female equivalent in which women dress up as men.

For me Drag is the ultimate way for us to embrace who we are, not only as gay men and women, but for heterosexuals as well. Allowing that inner “Queen” to come out and live a larger than life experience and express yourself in a real, physical sense. I have never done Drag before and I probably won’t because the idea of wearing heels terrifies me. But I give props to the guys and gals out there who have the chutzpa to bend (and break) the traditional rules of gender. I don’t forsee a day when we all just stop labeling ourselves based on our genetic sex and guys will start wearing ballroom gowns to major events, or girls will wear a tux (which has happened sometimes, but with often negative outcomes) but I see it as a good way to discuss what gender means.

As Ru has said, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”


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