This blog will discuss what it means to be a homosexual person in America. I will start off by posting a few ideological/religious stories (if you will) from various ethnic groups that represent the different peoples that make up this country as a means of giving a historical background.

From there I intend on posting specific religious articles from the three major religious entities that influence America; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. I should clarify that I don’t mean to use the Torah, New Testament, or al Qu’ran. Reason being is that most of what has been said about homosexuality in those books originate from the Torah. What I will investigate is the trend of what is said from modern day leaders in the various religious figures on the topic of Homosexuality and how it influences the media and politics.

Lastly I will move into more popular culture. I will look into television shows like Will & Grace, Queer as Folk, and the “L” word as some examples of how different gay men and women are portrayed in those shows and how it has effected real life homosexuals. Alongside that I will look into comedic culture as a means of discussing stereotypes and words used by comedians in reference to gay people.

I also plan on showcasing a subculture within gay society, drag queens, and how they are tackling the issues in their own way.

I chose this particular topic because I am a gay man and I feel that there are a lot of things that are stacked against us and a lot of misinformation about us as a people are out there that further negative stereotypes. I simply wish to educate people as much as I can from my perspective and offer up as much information as I can to allow the reader to form a critical view on this topic.


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